For a location in Portland's Old Port that has seen its fair share of business turnover, Mexican restaurant Zapoteca made it a lot longer than others. But according to Kathleen Pierce of the Bangor Daily News, this past weekend was Zapoteca's last as an operational business.

The chef that imagined Zapoteca, Shannon Bard, told Pierce that she could no longer give her undivided attention to the restaurant. Who could blame her? Bard owns two other successful restaurants in Kennebunk and has made a slew of national TV appearances including a well-known face-off against Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

But as Bard's business ventures grew, her time at Zapoteca lessened and thus, the closing of the restaurant last Saturday night. She'll continue to own and operate her two restaurants in Kennebunk as well as a wedding barn in which she caters at. For fans of Zapoteca, Bard has promised to add some of the Zapoteca favorites to her menus at her other restaurants.

The location next to Rivalries and Brian Boru will see turnover yet again. We can all wonder what's next.

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