No sugarcoating that one right there. We're not going to pretend it has something to do with The Forks or anything else lame like that. The message is clear, and you don't need us to spell it out for you. We noticed this on Reddit courtesy of NinjaSays and it left a lot of redditors wondering "how did this plate get across the censors"? There's an answer to that.

According to WGME, a new law was passed in Maine in 2016 that allows for more "freedom of expression" on license plates. The previous law, in which Maine often disallowed or banned license plates with potentially offense meanings was an infringement on freedom of speech and that led to the state changing the rules.

The other thing that is still banned is license plates that incite or promote violence, including hate speech. It also disqualifies words that are deemed offense being completely spelled out. But something like the license plate above is unlikely to be recalled.

So if you spot this driver along the roadways in downeast Maine, no need to squint. The message is plain, simple and clear. Welcome to Maine and uh...well you know the rest.

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