Police may not be the first place you go for entertainment, but the Auburn Police Chief had a smashing hit on Facebook this Wednesday morning when he delivered a message for parents and drivers regarding back to school traffic.

Needless to say, the Chief expertly executed what all the kids are doing these days with their no-nose snapchat filter.

I gotta say, it really makes his message much more captivating. Who doesn't want to see the Chief of Police goof around in a video?! Not only has his nose vanished from plain sight, his voice is tweaked to a higher register and his stern face has been manipulated into that of an adorably hilarious cartoon.

Is this police chief a dad? Because he certainly has the humor of one.

Props to the Auburn Police Department for cultivating a culture in which it's okay, encouraged even, to have a little fun. And as the Chief would say, take a deeeeep breath and smell that freedom.

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