Hang around in Maine long enough and you'll probably see just about everything.

That includes things you probably don't want to see, like an OUI stop and arrest in the middle of the day, in the middle of winter, for someone who was operating a lawnmower while intoxicated.

But hey, it happens.

Shared on Facebook by the Augusta Maine Police Department, an individual was stopped as they were driving a lawnmower erratically by officers. After a field sobriety test, the individual was arrested for operating under the influence and the lawnmower was towed away from the scene.

Even the Augusta PD admitted that while it's not completely uncommon for them to arrest someone for operating a recreational vehicle like a lawnmower while under the influence, those instances rarely (if ever) happen in the middle of winter. Especially a couple days after a nice mix of snow and ice pelted the state.

What was not reported was whether the lawnmower was fitted with studded snow tires. More details on that in the future.

But like we said at the top, just when you think you've seen it, hang in there for a few more days and you'll probably see something new.

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