For most people in Maine today, the large storm to our south has been mostly an afterthought. But for people along the coastline, the warnings about potential flooding from a rising tide needed to be taken seriously. As high tide hit on Friday at around 11am, the waters throughout the southern portion of Maine began to rise. And also brought in some pretty incredible snapshots and video.

While it appears the ocean is swallowing up Portland's beloved Back Cove, other coastal towns are seeing the effect as well. The Clambake in Scarborough, no stranger to flood waters, is once again under attack from the Atlantic Ocean.

WGME shared video on Twitter of a house in Saco that has already been partially taken by the ocean, with fears that the rising waters will take the entire house into the ocean.

Portland specifically, will have the 12th highest tide on record thanks to this storm. Waters are expected to rise to a little over 13 feet at its height. Please use caution in areas where flooding could be the worst, and if you need to take a little extra time to detour roads that are covered by water, do so.

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