A big change has happened to the intersection of Route 121 and 11 in Casco that you need to be prepared for the next time you approach it.

For as long as I can remember, which is forty plus years, the intersection at Pike Corner in Casco where Poland Spring Road (Route 11) and Route 121 meet has always had traffic on Route 121 stop at the intersection. It never was a problem until the last few years when the number of accidents at the intersection has increased dramatically. According to News Center Maine, there were 20 crashes at Pike Corner since 2015 including one that killed a motorcyclist when he collided with a truck.

The intersection has been widened, signs have been put up on stop signs on the 121 approach to the intersection warning drivers that crossing traffic does not stop, all in an effort to reduced accident. Yet they still keep happening. People just drive too fast and not safely.

A change went into effect this week making the intersection an all-way stop. To make sure drivers are aware, flashing yellow stop ahead signs, flashing stop signs, and flashing red traffic lights have been installed on both approaches to the the intersection.

Casco Fire and Rescue, which is located near the intersection, posted these photos on  of the new configuration on Facebook to alert drivers to the changes.

Casco Fire/Rescue via Facebook
Casco Fire/Rescue via Facebook

So be aware of the changes when you get to Pike Corner, not just for you to remember to stop, but be on the lookout for others who might not.