Calling city leaders "brazen" and claiming that officials are destroying evidence, Biddeford resident Jason Litalien took to the podium at a meeting of the Biddeford City Council this week and aired major grievances about the city's process of installing parking meters in the downtown area.

Biddeford residents voted in 2014 to ban the use of parking meters "in the greater downtown area," according to the Portland Press Herald, but since then, the City Council has voted to install "parking kiosks" instead, claiming that meters and kiosks aren't the same thing.

In his comments, which can be seen on a Facebook video on, Litalien said that city leaders "have sat there, lying to us regularly" about their intentions with the new parking meters, and made a comparison of the city's bait-and-switch tactics to a deceitful husband who bought a new pickup truck:

"You said you were buying kiosks, not meters, that you were doing what the citizens wanted, even though they told you overwhelmingly they did not want it. ... This is like buying a Chevy, but because your wife says you can't buy a Chevy, you put the Ford logo on the front. So, you still have a Chevy, it still works like a Chevy, but the difference is you lied to your wife, and how good does that usually work out for you?"

He continues:

"The fact is, you installed multi-space parking meters in the downtown area. ... It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. How dare you sit there and lie to our faces?"

Litalien concluded by saying that "Your lies only motivate me more to fight you on this and protect the residents of the city."

Other Biddeford residents have also spoken out, which can be seen in another Facebook video, about the use of parking meters downtown, including Donna Coombs, a 53-year taxpayer in Biddeford.

According to the Biddeford city website, parking meters are now installed and in use as of December 3.

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