Since February residents of the up and coming Biddeford have seen a sign hanging on a building on Main Street that reads Dizzy Birds Rotisserie.

According to the website, the wait is just about over. The new restaurant is scheduled to officially open their doors to the public tomorrow at 11 am.

One look at their menu and you'll know where to find me as soon as they do open. Rotisserie items like prime rib, whole chicken, lamb and turkey breasts that have been spinning in the rotisserie all day. They'll also be serving up delicious soups and chowders, chili, fresh salads and so much more. With portions big enough to feed an entire family! And plenty of sides like mac & cheese, potato salad, Maine mashed potatoes and more.

As Biddeford continues to be a city on the rise, a restaurant like this will be a much needed boost to the city and community.






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