Laura Coyne was heading to a doctor's appointment when she noticed a visitor unlike any other.


Around 1045 in the morning, Laura saw a big moose who looked a little lost among the mobile homes at the Hamlet Mobiel Home Park in Westbrook. It's almost as if she was thinking, 'Now, where were those woods?'


Laura made sure to not move as the moose crossed right in front of her. She didn't move. She wanted the moose to just go where she wanted to go. She appears to be slightly lost and not sure where she's going.

There are woods behind the mobile home park that Laura thinks that she made her way to it. Most Mainers can go their entire life without seeing a moose. To get this up close is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. No police had to be called, no moose had to be shot and hopefully she made it back to where she is safe.

Have you ever seen a moose in Maine? And no, the Wildlife Park in Gray doesn't count.

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