Anyone who follows the Blink-182 singer and bassist online knows that Mark Hoppus is the king of emo Twitter. Perhaps that's never been clearer than with the musician's latest tweet, a lyrical mash-up combining the words of his main act with those of the hit-making pool boys in Twenty One Pilots.

Blink-21, anybody? Hoppus, for some reason, took to Twitter Monday (Oct. 7) to make a Frankenstein's monster from select stanzas of Blink's early-2000s breakout "All the Small Things" and Twenty One Pilots' more recent smash hit "Chlorine." View the wordy lyrical mash-up down toward the bottom of this post.

The confounding poetic combination contains couplets such as "Sipping on All Small Things / Roses by the stairs for me," and "When I leave true care truth brings / I'll be back watching and waiting."

Of course, Blink-182's "All the Small Things" isn't even sung by Hoppus. On the 1999 Enema of the State album version, it's led vocally be now-estranged group co-founder Tom DeLonge, the Angels & Airwaves bandleader who's become somewhat of an esteemed ufologist. In concert in more recent years, "All the Small Things" is handled on the mic by DeLonge's replacement in Blink, Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba.

But the mash-up lines up with Hoppus' frequent callbacks to DeLonge's time in the band. Although publicly apart, the pair seem to be on good terms. Just recently, DeLonge said he still talks to Hoppus and Blink drummer Travis Barker, adding, "Everything is awesome and people don't know, so they say a bunch of weird shit on the Internet."

Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun did make a guest appearance at a Blink show earlier this year, so perhaps the mash-up is a nod to Hoppus' pal. Maybe next time he'll reel off some verbose combination involving Simple Creatures song lyrics.

Sippin on All Small Things
Roses by the stairs for me
Work sucks and it’s terrible
You’ll be at every show

When I leave true care truth brings
I’ll be back watching and waiting
The lights out and carried home
Ain’t so I will not go
Sippin on All Small Things

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