I don't know about you, but this whole stay home business has me listening to more music than ever and revisiting some old favorites.

I have long been a huge fan of cover songs. There's just something about a cover that, when done well and especially with an artist or genre so different, completely blows me away. I could probably make a list of 15 or so that I love but here are my top 5:

5. Rolling in the Deep, Linkin Park

I'm pretty sure I found this on accident. This is such a beautiful and stripped performance. Chester Bennington taking on Adele is so unexpected and Mike Shinoda on the piano along with the audience singing along gives me total goosebumps! Miss you, Chester!

4. Zombie, Bad Wolves

This is the most well-known cover on this list. What blows me away is that this cover was already in the works before Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries passed away. In fact, she was supposed to be featured on the track. Bad Wolves decided to complete the project anyway and proceeds from the song went to her family. Tommy Vext has an incredible voice that shines here. Bad Wolves stopped at Aura a couple of years ago and it was just as incredible live. The video is also an amazing tribute to Dolores and the original music video.

3. Dancing in the Street, The Struts

This definitely feels the most like a tribute to the original. Mick Jagger and David Bowie are obviously HUGE influences to frontman Luke Spiller and the rest of the guys. This feels like the hit was brought to the modern-day. Fun, light-hearted, and something that I think old fans and those who never heard the original can agree on.

2. The Thunder Rolls, Dead Season

Some people will see this and ask, "Who the heck is Dead Season?" and others will say, "Oh my gosh, DEAD SEASON!!! YESSS!" For those not familiar, Dead Season is an Orono, Maine based rock band that has been around for years now and have had a huge local following. I remember when I was in high school my brother was super into them. He played this cover for me since we were both big fans of Garth Brooks. Many rock bands have covered the country classic but no one, in my opinion, touches this one. Which, admittedly could be entirely on the nostalgia factor, but I do think it stands on its own. They even took on the elusive 3rd verse. Plus, can you think of two more completely different sounds to an amazing song? Maybe second in total genre opposites would go to Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash for Hurt.

1. We Will Rock You, Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale, and Taylor Momsen

Alright, confession time. The whole reason I was inspired to write this was because of this newly released cover. I have been absolutely obsessed with it from the second I heard it. I can't help but wonder what Freddie would have thought about 3 rock queens collaborating on such a classic.

If you're familiar with Maria of In This Moment, Lzzy of Halestorm, and Taylor of The Pretty Reckless, I think you can appreciate the cover that much more. Each verse is done by each frontwoman and is so uniquely them. It's not Lzzy and Taylor simply featured on an In This Moment album. The way each verse and signature style blends into the next is incredible. Maria dark and creepy and building. Lzzy has the classic influence and Taylor has that almost grungy edge. Absolutely blown away!

So what are your favorite cover songs? I'm always open to fresh takes on old favorites. Message me on the app!

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