Everyone has freaked out at something in a good way before - running around, screaming with excitement like the kids in YouTube videos that find out they're going to Disneyland on Christmas Morning. Have you ever celebrated so hard your pants couldn't handle it, though? This teen from Brooksville did, to hilarious results.

As reported by WCSH6, Ethan Snow, the manager for the George Stevens Academy Eagles, was deeply invested in the Class C Boys State Championship game against the Winthrop Ramblers on Saturday night.  In the game's last seconds, with the score tied, GSA student Jarrod Chase scored the winning three-pointer, and pandemonium ensued. Snow, so overwhelmed with pride and joy for his teammates, rushed onto the court, and began jumping around with his team in celebration. However, he failed to notice the rip in his pants the jumping caused, which went all the way down to his knee. Humorously enough, he also lost the sole of one of his shoes.

Snow took it in stride, however. He said that winning the championship would be a memory he would tell his grandchildren about, despite being being only slightly embarrassed that he will live on as the kid who ripped his pants. Spongebob Squarepants would be so proud. Watch the video below:

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