Here at WCYY, we're constantly combing Craigslist and its counterparts for the most ridiculous things we can find. I mean, it's Maine - you wouldn't believe some of the stuff we see on there. For instance, I once came across this picture in the personals:


Yep. Can't get much more Maine than that.

Given our new laws regarding the devil's lettuce, we've started to see a lot of posts that allude to pot pop up in the last few months. None of them have been quite as blatant as this Facebook user's earlier today, though - check it out:

Facebook Marketplace

The post has since been pulled, but we were quick enough to grab a screenshot. Since you still can't legally purchase pot, this Mainer gets around it by selling air. Yep, you read that right - you can purchase air from this person, and get a free gram of pot. Remind anyone of a certain Mel Brooks movie?

Despite the boldness of this power-move, we think this is just the beginning. Without proper shops open yet, growers and sellers are only going to get more creative to move their product in the interim. What will we see next?