After the Celtics general manager passed on making any major trades, fans took to social media to express frustration and anger...but why?

Rumors were aplenty yesterday afternoon as the Boston Celtics were linked to Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Carmelo Anthony and anyone else with a pulse. But as the trade deadline was minutes from locking in, the Celtics decided to "stand pat" on their trove of young players and high draft choices leaving many pundits, and fans, unreasonably upset.

Why is it unreasonable? Simple, the Boston Celtics couldn't possibly be in a better place. They're a 1st place team in their division, 2nd overall in the Eastern Conference, and poised to be a thorn in the side of the Cleveland Cavaliers in this years playoffs. But if you can stop and be reasonable for one second, would trading one-third of your regular rotation of players and the potential #1 draft pick overall for Paul George made the Celtics better than say...the Golden State Warriors? The answer is unequivocally NO.

The Celtics did exactly what they should have done. Balk at the idea of trading any combination that included Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown, one on a team friendly deal and one with tons of high upside PLUS a potential future superstar like Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball? All for a player who has strong family ties to the west coast, specifically the LA Lakers? Hard pass.

The Celtics couldn't possibly be in a better situation. Keep saying it to yourself. No significant player from their roster will be leaving anytime soon unless they want them to. Will Jimmy Butler or Paul George still be available for trade at the end of the season? Yes, and who knows what other player might join them in that market. The possibilities are endless.

The Celtics have tons of cap room, enough to add another max contract to their vast talent pool. They have Marcus Smart, once deemed a semi-bust by those brilliant pundits, who is now emerging as a guy playing at a near all-star level. And then those Brooklyn Nets picks, obtained thanks to the single worst trade in NBA history. Those picks have the POTENTIAL to deliver the Celtics two future superstars. Patience...oh right, patience.

People were losing their minds that the Celtics needed to strike NOW, that Danny Ainge "doesn't get it", that the Celtics "blew it", as though they lost in game 7 of the NBA finals last season. They didn't. They're building a sustainable team that can be competitive for a title for 10 straight seasons. Not a mad dash at a title for just a couple. The Celtics don't even need to use their salary cap room this offseason. They could wait until 2018 when the free agent group will include Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Maybe patience is key?

The Celtics of 2019 will look vastly different than this season's team but could, well should, be filled with much higher end talent from top to bottom. And if it isn't, then take out your blame, frustration and anger on Danny Ainge. The Celtics couldn't possibly be in a better position. Repeat that to yourself. Because Larry Bird isn't walking through that door...and neither is Paul George.

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