Treasure Hunts in New England

It's been interesting how much treasure and scavenger hunts have picked up throughout the last couple of years in the area. From the popular New Hampshire-based band Recycled Percussion hiding $10,000 multiple times in the Granite State last year, to a Maine couple celebrating the state's bicentennial with a $20,000 treasure hunt, to even a treasure hunt happening currently around Saco Bay worth $1,000 -- there's been no shortage of treasure hunts in the last couple of years.

And you can officially add another one to the list that's currently happening around Portland.

Blurbo Hall's treasure hunt

A person who goes by the name Blurbo Hall on social media has decided to put on weekly treasure hunts beginning last Friday, August 12, and every Friday after that through September 2, around the Portland area. According to Blurbo, he's hidden four treasure chests -- three small ones and the final one is much bigger. Inside each of the treasure chests are "precious metals and a $15 gas card."

In order to gain access to the clue cards that Blurbo has created and will lead you to the week's treasure chest, you need to visit his Patreon page. Truth be told, the Patreon part of the treasure hunt has some people skeptical that this is all a scam, which is understandable.

Google Maps
Google Maps

However, you're not parting with serious riches to try and find...well, hidden riches. Blurbo is only asking for a $6 Patreon donation (which he openly says he's planning on using for future, bigger treasure hunts.) And any doubt that this treasure hunt is a real deal was put to rest when the very first hunt was held last Friday at The Maine Mall, and a chest was actually found by a man named Jayson Murray.

Jayson said he actually met Blurbo when he found the treasure chest "and he seemed like he just wanted to do a fun community thing." When he found the chest, he opened it to find:

"a .999 1/2 oz. silver coin, two 1 oz. copper bars, a couple of lab-grown rubies, a jar of garnets that he (Blurbo) said he collected from Maine, some sprigs of what I think may be saffron, and a couple other just ornamental trinkets."

The hunt for the next treasure chest happens this Friday, August 19 "in the heart of Portland" according to Blurbo. Get to Blurbo's Patreon page to unlock the clue cards and find the next treasure!

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