Dunkin' Donuts is a large part of so many people's daily routine here in New England. We've all become accustomed to bright orange and pink signs, decor and grabbing ourselves a coffee through the drive-thru. But has it always been this way? Well, take a look at this photo shared in a Facebook group called "I Grew Up In Lewiston, Maine and I Remember When".

This photo of the Dunkin' Donuts location at 1124 Lisbon Street was taken in 1970. Beyond the fancy automobiles you see in the photo, you'll notice that Dunkin' had a much different logo back then. But there were also a lot of differences INSIDE the shop that you can see in this photo.

For one, this Dunkin' Donuts location offered a "viewing window" where you could see the baker carefully making and frying the donuts right before your eyes. This Dunkin' location was also known by the locals for making their donuts with a handle. It was hugely popular amongst the kids (and the elderly for dipping it in their coffee). Check out the tool they used to make them. (courtesy of Steve Dayton)

Facebook via Steve Dayton

Here's what this same exact Dunkin' Donuts location looks like today. The business has certainly changed over the years, but is still a staple for this neighborhood in Lewiston.

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