When they say “America Runs on Dunkin,” they mean everyone and everything. Not just humans.

A Dunkin’ drive-thru worker recently learned this when a raccoon pulled up, ready to order. So, the employee did as any kind member of the Dunkin’ team would do – and served the raccoon.

The video has since gone viral after being posted to TikTok. Though it was apparently taken at a Dunkin’ in Florida, there’s no doubt the raccoon has some New England ties. (Perhaps it was related to the raccoon that recently went around a pet shop in Maine kissing everyone.)

Reactions were heavily positive, with most people finding the employee’s actions kind (and the raccoon surprisingly calm. One user on TikTok called it the “cutest raccoon” they’ve ever seen, while another speculated that the employee has probably been generous to the raccoon before based on their relaxed interaction.

Still, some Dunkin’ employees might be a little standoffish the next time a raccoon approaches their drive-thru window. Totally understandable – but it’s also important to consider the good you’re doing. So…here are Eight Great Reasons to Offer Drive-Thru Donuts to a Raccoon:

  • If he comes inside, he’ll want to use the bathroom.
  • Donuts have less raccoon calories than coffee rolls.
  • If he comes inside, he’ll want to use the WiFi.
  • If he likes the donut, maybe he’ll try a Coolata.
  • We get cheat days, why shouldn’t raccoons?
  • What if he’s friends with Ben Affleck?
  • You give Bob Dylan donuts when he walks up to the window, why not do it for a raccoon?
  • It’s not like he’s a squirrel!


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