Central Maine Power deserves a lot of credit for restoring power across the state of Maine is a timely fashion. The wind storm brought more power outages statewide than the legendary ice storm of 1998, but CMP was able to turn the lights back on for customers at a far quicker rate this time around. Deservedly so, kudos should go to the lineman who spend countless hours working overtime so that people could resume their everyday lives.

So that's why it seems kind of odd that CMP put out a press release Sunday morning claiming that the wind storm of 2017 was never forecasted to be that bad. Shared by former WMTW reporter Katie Thompson on Twitter, read for yourself what CMP had to say about the forecasts prior to the wind event.

While nobody could have properly predicted hundreds of thousands of power outages, most, if not all, forecasts leading up to the event warned of tremendous wind gusts (not just on the coast) as well as sustained winds that could lead to widespread damage. Those forecasts were accurate, and while we're all appreciative of the work CMP and their employees accomplished, it seems counterintuitive to claim that there were no forecasts prior to the storm warning about how intense it would be.

What do you think?

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