Peter Bissell, one of the co-founders of Portland's extremely popular brewery Bissell Brothers, took to Facebook this week to share a personal moment of reflection after a serious car accident he was involved in.

If the pictures don't tell enough of the story, then Bissell's words can probably fill in the blanks. Bissell states in his Facebook post that this was a common drive for him, one he has made countless times. Despite his familiarity with the route, no one can prepare for black ice. That black ice propelled his truck off the road where it incurred significant damage. But luckily for Bissell, he walked away without even a scratch.

At the bottom of Bissell's post, he reminds us all about the little things that we may take for granted. The saying goodbye to loved ones, the not taking things for granted. Certainly after such a harrowing experience such as this car accident, it gave him a chance to reflect on how short our lives really are. And for those of us that truly love Bissell Brothers beer, Peter's story is a reminder to us all to cherish what we have the same way.

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