During his performance this weekend at Merrill Auditorium, Lewis Black unabashedly gushed over Portland, including one specific brunch spot.

Comedian Lewis Black is known for his unfiltered anger and frustration. His well known rants have allowed him to become one of the most successful touring comedy acts in the country. But fans who streamed Lewis Black live, and those in attendance this past Saturday night at Merrill Auditorium, they got to see a bit of a different side.

Without provocation, Black closed his show this Saturday by lauding Portland for how gorgeous it is. He said the food scene in Portland was on par with some of the biggest cities he's visited and that one place was the "very best in the country when it comes to brunch." That place? Hot Suppa on Congress St.

Now understand when you get a compliment from Lewis Black, it usually comes with a taste of backhand. Black described the brunch offerings at Hot Suppa as "a heart attack waiting to happen" but said that each and every time he's made his way to Portland, it's a must stop for him. He continued with the compliments, "listen, if you want to die in a week, just eat brunch at Hot Suppa for 3 straight days and you'll get your wish." The live crowd enjoyed Black's barbs but it also left us wondering...who's up for some brunch this weekend?


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