CYY is 25 and we are hauling out all kinds of goodies for you! We found this great live performance of "We Don't Have to Look Back Now" from our friends,  Puddle of Mudd. Wes and the boys were in town for a show back in 2008 and swung by the CYY Studios to say hi. Of course, we like nothing better than packing as many human beings into our little studio, just to see what happens. It's been Portland's Musical Clubhouse for 25 years!

Thank you for BEING CYY for all these years. As we celebrate rocking Maine for 25 years, we want to know how long YOU'VE been along for the ride with us? How long have YOU BEEN CYY?  CLICK HERE to send us an audio message we can play on the radio!


Here's the full recorded version you hear on CYY! Thanks, Puddle of Mudd for being so good to us over the years!



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