September 24th, 1996. One of the greatest nights for Rock and Roll the State of Maine has ever seen. A beautiful night. A full moon. A sold-out Augusta Civic Center. Pearl Jam in top form. And Dennis Rodman as the cherry on top. Wow.

As we celebrate Pearl Jam day on WCYY as part of CYY 25, we have to acknowledge the one and only time PJ ever came to Maine. The Dennis Rodman thing? Yeah, that's because of a close friendship between Eddie and Dennis. Rodman would continue to show up at Pearl Jam shows from time to time That evening, the NBA star took to the stage during "Alive," fed Eddie some wine, and let Eddie ride him around on piggyback. You know, just another typical Thursday night in Augusta.

Here's the audio from a killer version of Corduroy from that amazing night



And check out the setlist. This was the No Code Tour. 

Herb Ivy


More info on the Pearl Jam/Dennis Rodman connection. Awesome! Pearl Jam (and we assume Dennis Rodman) ARE CYY,



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Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly unveil some pretty cool merch to celebrate our 25th anniversary of being Portland's Alternative Rock Station. Since that moment in 1995 when we played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana as our very first song, we've always been here at One City Center playing Alt Rock and nothing BUT Alt Rock. We've never changed formats, and because of that, we're proud to be one of the longest-running Alternative stations in the country. There's not many of us left! (unfortunately)

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