While so many artists remain off the stages and playing in front of the people that give them life, lots of them are using their time and channeling their creativity into new projects. That includes Dave Gutter, who music fans across New England know as the face of both Rustic Overtones and Paranoid Social Club. Gutter took to Facebook to reveal something new, a collaboration with an up-and-coming Portland artist known as Bensbeendead. They're calling their project Dead. In The Gutter. And their new song/video is one hell of a way to make an entrance.

The spooky and melodic song titled "Undead" goes at the perfect pace for how we're all feeling right now. As with almost all Gutter tunes, the lyrics are biting and at times quite dark, leaving Bensbeendead (Ben Thompson) to twist the morbid topic of the song into something sweet. Who knew the lyrics "are you ready to die?" could be sung so beautifully?

The video itself is a work of art as well. Gutter and Thompson been most if it casually walking through a graveyard presumably on their way to take out the blood-soaked zombie who is stealing the show throughout the video. That zombie is played by the award-winning photographer Lauryn Hottinger, who may have another career playing the undead in the future.

Someday we hope we'll get to fill a room somewhere in Portland and see Dead. In The Gutter perform this on-stage. That'll be the day we all go from undead to feeling alive again.

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