Each day the Rock Row project in Westbrook makes a little more progress.

Our friends at Sky High Maine have been looking over (literally) the project and updating us with awesome drone videos.

They released a new video this week.


Way to go, Rock Row!

We were out at their Open House "Get to Know Rock Row" event recently, and it's so cool how many people in Westbrook came out to check on the project.

It's a real source of pride for the city, and it's going to be a great source of economic development for the city and all of Southern Maine.

Sure, Rock Row is basically a concert venue now, but it's going to turn into an amazing little city all its own!

According to the Rock Row website"Rock Row combines healthy urban living, destination retail, modern workplaces, select and full-service hotels, diverse entertainment, and chef-inspired dining in a fun, convenient and immersive experience."

Here's what it will look like:


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