The internet is back at it again. While scrolling through our Facebook feed this morning, we noticed a couple of different people in Maine sharing a story that piqued our interest, Hobby Lobby was planning on closing their stores nationwide. Our first thought? This should be a BIGGER story. And naturally, after a little digging, we found that this is another one of those false rumors that keep spreading like wildfire across social platforms.

The Hobby Lobby locations in Auburn and Bangor are not closing. In face, the company itself is doing better than ever. There are plans in 2018 to open more Hobby Lobby locations, potentially even more in Maine.

So don't be fooled if you run across some articles suggesting the owner of Hobby Lobby is closing stores across the country because of religious persecution. Some articles are politically driven, some don't even make sense. Sometimes it's best to take a deep breath, find your favorite search engine and follow up on that little news nugget.

It might become your new hobby.

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