There's a thing in Maine where certain events get people really amped. One of those events is the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival, where people from across the state (and the rest of New England) congregate in the town of Yarmouth for a weekend full of fun and festivities. The highlight of the clam festival for many is the parade. And if you want a premium seat for the seat, there's a tradition in Yarmouth where you put your seat out early to save your place. So when a couch showed up on the parade route over the weekend, most people didn't event think twice. Must be for the Yarmouth Clam Festival.

Shared in the Facebook group Yarmouth Community Network by Roger S. Duncan, a green couch/love seat was spotted hanging out on the side of the road in the dead of winter. After some "investigation", it was determined that this couch isn't serving as a placeholder for the Yarmouth Clam Festival, but instead, simply a couch that a resident of the Town of Yarmouth was looking to dispose of.

Don't go looking for that couch along the parade route though. Before Saturday's storm hit, it was disposed of at the town dump. So while this may have been in jest, you know there's someone plotting their spot for the 2020 parade already. It's tradition after all.

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