The "Most Maine Thing of The Week" Award goes to Officer Dugas at the Fairfield Police Department.

Office Dugas was dispatched last week to help save some wayward little piggies. Our local hero did it with a smile on his face.

Check out the picture posted to the police department's Facebook page.

Fairfield Police Department - Maine via Facebook

From the Fairfield, Maine Police Department Facebook Page:

The Fairfield PD can find the humor in a lot of things, simply because without humor, life would be boring and we wanted to get to the punchline before others did  Officer Dugas did his community proud today and wrangled some piggies this morning.

This story is classic small-town Maine. Fairfield is a lovely town of about 6,000 in Somerset County that has Waterville just to its south.

Being a police officer or first responder in small-town Maine must be a job like no other. Think of the wide-ranging things these brave men and women must deal with, up to, and including gathering up lost farm animals.

You better have a sense of duty and a sense of humor, and there's doubt that Officer Dugas and the Fairfield PD get it!

Join us in raising a glass this weekend to the Fairfield PD and all our small-town first responders. YOU all help make Maine the best place to live in the world!


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