The restaurant industry is thriving here in New England, which is a blessing for the countless foodies residing here.

Whether you prefer a certain location, atmosphere, or type of cuisine, there's something out there for everyone, and you'll never run out of new restaurants to try.

The existence of the Seacoast Eats Facebook group is further evidence of how much we love our food. With over 40,000 followers at the time of this writing, the popular group specializes in supporting local restaurants through shoutouts, updates about openings, closings, and other food-related events, and of course, general chatter about the best eats around. It really is the perfect way to get the scoop on all things food in the Seacoast.

A recent post by an admin member asked folks to list some of the Seacoast restaurants that have opened their doors in the last few years. The responses poured in, quickly making it clear that more new spots have popped up as of late than we realized. So, let's take a look at 30 restaurants in Seacoast New Hampshire and Maine that have opened in the last three years. How many of these establishments have you visited?

These 30 Seacoast NH and ME Restaurants Have Opened in the Last Three Years

Gallery Credit: Meg

Speaking of food, here are some New Hampshire restaurants that have been featured on TV. Keep scrolling to see what Maine spots have been featured on the Travel Channel.

Here Are 14 New Hampshire Restaurants That Have Been Featured on Food TV Shows

Gallery Credit: Megan Murphy

21 Maine Restaurants That Have Been Featured on Travel Channel's Food Paradise

This is a list of the Maine restaurants that have been featured on the Travel Channel show, 'Food Paradise.' This is quite a representation for a state that's relatively small in stature.

Data was used from the Travel Channel website and

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