If you walk into any convenience store these days, you'll find a seemingly unlimited supply of snacks and treats at every corner. There's a variety for literally everything, from cakes and donuts to candy bars and chips.

But once upon a time in Maine, there was one snack that was truly more popular than any other, the ooey, gooey goodness that was the original Hostess Fruit Pies.

Their packaging alone may bring back memories as they did when they were shared a couple years ago on the Facebook group page Do You Remember When.

Whether you grew up in Augusta, spent your adolescence in Lewiston or were visiting Old Orchard Beach in the summer, corner stores, pharmacies and markets ALL carried Hostess Fruit Pies. Everyone had their favorite flavor of Hostess Fruit Pie, and everyone ate them differently, too.

Some people would break them in half and left the filling pour out, some people would tear a small piece of the package and go bite-by-bite. Others would take the fruit pie and microwave it and then top it with a little vanilla ice cream.

Hostess still sells many of these fruit pie flavors but if you ask anyone that grew up on these original fruit pies, the new ones are just off a little. Not only that, the competition amongst snacks is more fierce than ever, leaving a fruit pie feeling a little nostalgic.

Then again, if you grew up in Maine devouring a cherry or blueberry or lemon fruit pie and saw one at the neighborhood store today, wouldn't you grab one?

The answer is: no doubt.

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