Maine has proven to be forward thinking and has come a long way with equality. We are still struggling with homophobia but we have been able to become a community that will not tolerate hate. I love that about us.

This article will highlight a few coming out stories and with doing so, I hope to help you become who you truly are, without being afraid.

Elyssa Fahndrich via Unsplash
Elyssa Fahndrich via Unsplash

Stigma is thick and tough to swim through when you don't know how to navigate the waters. Becoming authentic is not easy because we are used to judgment and bias.

My personal story was pretty easy compared to many others. I was able to tell my mom that I didn't care about gender, but about personality and heart. She told me that my favorite color was rainbow when I was little so it made sense. We laughed, I cried, and my life continued on. Shortly after, I met my now wife, Janelle.

But others don't have it so easy. Hiding who you are is never what you want. I feel that we need to continue to communicate about our stories and promote more awareness on how freeing it is to stand up and say, "This is who I am." It is the most freeing feeling.

I reached out on Facebook and asked what your personal coming out stories were in order to let others know that no matter how tough it is, breaking through that personal barrier is remarkable.

Visit Equality Maine for information on how they are helping to secure complete equality for all!

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