Hopefully you're enjoying the "warm" weather we've been having this week and that's expected to continue through Friday evening. But it's that warm weather combined with an impending storm that may make this Saturday a treacherous and dangerous day for the entire state of Maine.

Concern is growing amongst forecasters that rather than a substantial rain storm for the early morning hours on Saturday, that rain could transition to ice and leave Maine glistening throughout the day. We're still far enough away from the weekend, that the forecast could shift, with temperatures staying warm enough to maintain the ran without the freezing portion. There's also the potential for a "flash freeze", meaning the temps will drop fast enough to freeze the water already on the ground. That could be lead to dangerous travel conditions.

We've been through enough ice events in recent years to know what to expect. Roads will be slick, trees will be hanging heavy, and power lines in some areas could be in jeopardy. Similar to the Nor'Easter last week, it's smart to plan ahead in the event of a power loss.

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