As Portland's popularity has grown in recent years, so has the smaller towns and cities that surround it. One of the cities is Westbrook, which has seen a spike in growth with new restaurants and houses being built. But one of the downtown standards has remained the same for the last decade, the Frog + Turtle Gastro Pub. As Westbrook grows with more residents, the Frog + Turtle has decided it's time to grow their building....up.


According to Keep Me Current, the Frog + Turtle has put forth a proposal to the Westbrook City Council to expand their restaurant up. The plan would be to build a second floor that would include an outdoor deck overlooking the river and a glass-encased lounge as well. It would become Westbrook's first dedicated deck lounge overlooking the river.

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The Frog + Turtle's expansion would just be the first step in what could be a multi-layered project over many years that would improve the entire building that houses Frog + Turtle, Jack's Thai, and several other businesses. If the initial plan is approved, the construction on Frog + Turtle's second floor expansion could begin as early as this spring.