What's better than cookies? Cookies that do good for the world, not just your sweet tooth.

Sweat Sea Cookies began earlier this fall by the same baker mastermind behind Holy Donut, Leigh Kellis.

Sweat Sea Cookies are cookies with a conscience. They're vegan and the bakery's mission is to "make it easy for us all to do what we can to use less single-use plastic and take small steps to clean our world that will have a big impact," according to their Facebook page.

They are doing this through a portion of cookie sales going towards Less Plastic Portland, a movement to advocate for businesses voluntarily prioritizing the environment and specifically keeping the oceans clear of plastics.

In a recent interview with News Center Maine, Kellis said that the money will stay local.

Until this point, the bakery has been operating online, at farmers' markets, and in some local shops. According to News Center Maine, a retail store will be opening in the Old Port later this month.

Follow Sweet Sea Cookies on Facebook for the latest on the storefront or order some cookies straight from their website here.

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