If you are into pinball, video games (yes, even the classics from the '80s), and going out for drinks, then it is likely that you've been to Arcadia in Portland. Like most of my days, I spent a good chunk of time just scrolling through social media when I saw a picture of a ghost in Arcadia.

Yes, a ghost! Now you may be asking, is Arcadia haunted? The answer is simple, while you are trying to get the number 1 score on your favorite pinball machine, paranormal activity will not be helping you win.

The ghosts that are seen in Arcadia's Instagram story are fake (which is pretty easy to tell from their photo below). So, you will have to win every game on your own, I am sorry to say.

Arcadia via Instagram
Arcadia via Instagram

Halloween is coming up, and Arcadia is just getting ready. Granted they are playing with my emotions saying that it is confirmed that they are haunted.

On October 30th, Arcadia is holding a special, Halloween trivia. Interested? Well, you will need more than just yourself to participate. You can grab your friends and form a group of up to 6, to test your knowledge of everything spooky from Stephen King to John Carpenter.

Of course, it wouldn't be much fun if you dressed how you do for work, so, you may want to plan a fun costume. According to Arcadia's Facebook page, they will be giving away prizes not only to trivia winners but also for the best costume.

You could win big, and it won't even cost you to play.

Hopefully, you've been studying up on your horror knowledge this month.

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