As quickly as it showed up on Portland's food scene, it was gone. The Portland Meatball Company closed its doors for good over the weekend. Perhaps it just never fit the upscale culture of its neighbors on Exchange Street or maybe Portlanders just really aren't that into meatballs. Whatever the case may be, according to Portland Food Map, the Portland Meatball Company is now part of Portland's restaurant history.

Billed initially as a cheap alternative to a high-priced dinner date out, the Portland Meatball Company never seemed to catch on. Despite having homemade meatballs in many different varieties and a supremely non-stuffy environment, Portland Meatball Company often found itself with enough patrons on key nights to keep itself sustainable. The venture from Noah Talmatch, also the owner of Timber Steakhouse, was open for less than six months.

Portland Food Map reported that the windows have now been papered over and that the restaurant space could be reworked and opened as a new venture altogether. There hasn't been any word on what that space will be as of yet.

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