Lepage also says Mainers in the South are exploitative and in a handwritten note that is going viral. 



LePage Note


According to the Maine Beacon, Governor Paul LePage just couldn't help himself again in a handwritten note to a woman from Cape Elizabeth. The woman who received this response from the Governor, originally wrote a letter to him saying the following, according to her son Andy Sullivan who works for Reuters:

Dear Gov. LePage,

please resign. You will save yourself time and embarrassment. You will save our state time and money.

Sincerely, Louise Sullivan

That suggestion of a resignation just rubbed the Governor the wrong way and in his handwritten note, on his very own stationary, LePage makes sweeping generalizations about Southern Maine and it's constituents. Governor LePage has not commented on the letter going viral or his accusation that Mainers in the south ignore corruption or enjoy exploiting Mainers from the North. The Maine Beacon has more details on the story here. 

Do you think Governor LePage is correct? Or do you think this is just another aggressive response by him that is unfortunate?


photo courtesy of Andy Sullivan's public Facebook page.