If President Donald Trump was looking for loyalty, he's definitely found it in Maine's Governor Paul LePage. LePage, no stranger to making inflammatory comments to stir the masses, added to his greatest hits list on Thursday. When asked about President Trump's comments regarding the Charlottesville situation, LePage was unfiltered.

The comment has left social media stunned. LePage continued by echoing President Trump's belief that "both sides" were to blame for the volatile events that took place in Virginia over the weekend.

LePage said he didn't comment earlier on the Charlottesville situation or Trump's response because he no longer watches television news or reads newspapers. LePage has not been shy about agreeing with Trump when it comes to the "fake news" rhetoric.

LePage is likely to receive severe backlash for the comparison of Confederate monuments and the monuments commemorating the heroes and victims of 9/11. Will Maine's embattled Governor back down? Probably not.

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