As the largest mobile game in the history of the United States, Pokemon Go, continues to grow, so does the hunt the most elusive Pokemon in the game. Decluttr, a website that helps you get rid of any old video games collecting dust, decided to study Google trends to determine which Pokemon character exactly was the hardest to find in each state.

You can check out the entire state-by-state breakdown right here. 

Or you can just search harder here in Maine for the elusive Charizard. Decluttr used Google trends and search phrases like "where to find" and "how do I get" to determine that the Charizard is the most searched for Pokemon in Vacationland.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire has been struggling to find Abra. Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Mobipicker compiled a list of the rarest Pokemon that exist in the game based on catch rate! Yes, there are actual mathematical formulas being use to determine Pokemon Go catch rates.