Markathon is in FULL SWING. The requests are coming in. The online auction is humming along. Mark is about 30 hours into his 100 continuous hours on WCYY. It's all to raise money for the Center for Grieving Children. Make sure you listen because it's like radio you'll hear nowhere else on Planet Earth. And all for a fantastic cause.


One of the coolest things about Markathon is the wicked creative parody posters Mark comes up with every year. He puts a ton of time into making each one perfect and...He. Nails. It.

Here's last year's poster. Markathon Fever!


disco lil


This is a classic. I mean the hair alone wins some kind of award. Long Live Rodgers.

rodgrs full

The Markathon 9 poster is hilarious. We actually think that's Mark's real hair.

paint full



DUDE. I mean, how does he do it year after year? Great story from this shoot, as Mark had to hustle to do the shoot as about 50 women were coming into the bowling alley for Ladies League night as this shot was taken!

dude full

We knew that at one point Mark would recreate something Beatles! This one from Markathon 6

mark help lil


I mean, what else was he gonna do for Markathon 7......007. Shaken & Stirred indeed!

oo7 lil


This may be the overall favorite. Mark thinks it's his #1.  Say Anything. And Mark will Play Anything!

boom lil


Then, of course, there is THIS year's poster. It's the first time Mark has played two different characters in his promo poster. Party on Wayne. Part on Mark!

lil wayne

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