We all go to college for the education MOM and definitely not to experience dorm life and the party scene on campus. But if perhaps you did gain interest in a particular college because of it's terrific chance to make experiences on campus and live your best life, Niche.com has ranked all of Maine's major colleges on their party scene. Who's the best? Well...

#1. University of Maine - Orono

UMaine ranked amongst the best schools in the country last year for partying but how the mighty have fallen. Niche ranks UMaine at #511 overall, but even with that tumble down the national rankings, the Black Bears remain as Maine's premier party school.

#2. Colby College

To quote the late Nate Dogg, "hold up, hey!". Colby College, who ranks amongst the top 20 on Niche in multiple different academic categories, also has a robust enough party scene to draw the runner-up slot in Maine. Colby...not just for Liberal Arts anymore.

#3. Bates College

For decades, Bates has had a solid, if unspectacular, party scene that is welcoming yet underwhelming. Bates has an incredible campus, but often the most "raging" parties are thrown at one of the many off-campus apartments.

#4. Bowdoin College

Bowdoin students and alumni were probably grinding their teeth at the notion that both Colby and Bates are better party schools than Bowdoin. A little piece of solace may live in the fact that Niche ranked Bowdoin as the overall best college in Maine. Drink to that!


#5. St. Joe's

Out of left field comes St. Joe's in Standish, where the party scene gets a respectful grade of B- from Niche. St. Joe's is known by many as a lively campus during the week and a ghost town on the weekend...but apparently those ghosts are hauling kegs in and making their mark. Small...but fierce.

#6. USM In Gorham

Dorm parties in USM are usually lame, but the off-campus houses and Greek hangs can really amp things up. Similar to St. Joe's, USM has too much of a "commuter" problem on the weekends to push it into the upper tier of party schools in Maine. Sorry Huskies.

#7. Thomas College

If you believe Niche's survey of current and alumni of Thomas, you can hear a pin drop on the campus throughout the weekend. But if you dig a little on social media, there appears to be some action at Thomas, you've just got to work a little to find it.

#8. University of Maine in Farmington

It appears that everyone that applies and is accepted at UMF has universally decided they really don't want to party. UMF ranked 10th on this last year, so some rebels spent the last 12 months pushing them alllllll the way up to #8. Go Beavers!

#9. Husson University

When the top 2 answers about Husson's campus are "it's cozy" and "small", you're probably not going to find many parties where people are crushing Fireball shots like they're drinking water. But hey, Husson has GREAT campus food. Eat more, drink less.


#10. University of Maine - Fort Kent

If ever there was going to be a dark horse on this list, it would be the Fort Kent campus. But alas, it failed us. You wouldn't be alone in asking...what else is there to do in Fort Kent besides party on campus? UMFK students respond with, "study". Well played, well played.

And the most glaring omission....the University of New England! UNE only ranks #14 in Maine when it comes to partying. Say what?!

Niche.com used a variety of criteria to arrive at their conclusion of best party schools in Maine including surveys of current and former students, Greek life involvement, access to parties and nearby bars as well as some other factors.









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