You wouldn't be alone if you don't understand how cryptocurrency works and what the hell Bitcoin really is. So we don't blame this small business in Madawaska, Maine for perhaps being a little confused over how to "sell" their bitcoin and what it's actually worth.

Reddit via inutero420
Reddit via inutero420

Shared on Reddit by inutero420, Joe's Auto & Truck Repair apparently has 28 Bitcoins for sale. We're not accountants here, but given recent market value, those Bitcoins have a rough value of a quarter million dollars. But the most important part about cryptocurrency, is that well, you can't physically sell something that isn't physically real.

Again, we could just be underestimating Joe's Auto and how well they buy and sell cryptocurrency. They could be trying to get out of Bitcoin before the bubble pops. Or maybe this is just one big joke that only Madawaska residents get and we're not getting it.

BUT, if Joe's wants to sell US some of that Bitcoin, man, do we have a deal for them. Get at us.

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