For all those that begged and pleaded with mother nature, she wasn't listening. Sorry. 

If the winter of 2016-2017 was a boxing match, mother nature clearly has incredible endurance. So much so, that she plans to deliver one final devastating left hook to Maine's already weakened and weathered chin. Gee, thanks a lot. If you were one of those people hoping this Nor'Easter would track off into the ocean, that it would be too warm, that ANYTHING might make this a ain't happening.

Almost every single weather map we could procure from the social media world suggests Maine is set to get walloped. Tuesday looks like a complete washout filled with snow and now even Wednesday morning could be an adventurous commute. If you spend 15 minutes staring out your window, bitterly cursing under your breath at the snow, we won't hold it against you.

The excitement of a major storm causing school closings, commuting delays and terrific skiing conditions has long passed for most people. Instead, that wild rash known as spring fever has taken over and the idea of getting a foot and a half of snow is more depressing than watching ____ die on the Walking Dead.

Oh well, take those shovels and snowblowers back out of the basement and get ready. Or as Samuel L. Jackson once warned us in Jurassic Park...hold on to your butts!

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