You may have noticed several new luxury hotels in the Old Port built over the past several years. Well a handful of them want the city of Portland to look into the noise ordinance in an effort to keep their guests happy, according to a recent article in the Portland Press Herald.

The historical Old Port is loaded with bars and restaurants. In fact, they follow closely behind San Fransisco with holding the most per capita. It's a popular spot for friends to get together for dinner and/or drinks. It's also known to have occasional excessive noise and violence.

There have been issues in regards to the old port brought to the cities attention in the past by various residents and businesses. This time, some of the new hotels, that were built right in the heart of the party zone, want bar-goers to quiet down so their guests can sleep.

The city says the clubs and bars are mostly staying within decibel requirements, but apparently it’s not enough for the hotels.

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