Everyone seems to be crazy for the WORDLE. If you don't know, WORDLE is a game (now owned by the New York Times)  in which you have six attempts to figure out a five-letter word. Millions of people around the world play the game daily. We wondered how Mainers were stacking up to the rest of the world when it came to our WORDLE acumen. I mean, MAINE is a FIVE-LETTER Word!

How Does Maine Stack Up To the Rest of the US in WORDLE?

Well, according to the folks at Wordtips, we're not that great. Maine's average score is a 4.04. That means, on average, it takes is Mainers a little over four attempts to solve the daily WORDLE. How does that compare to other states?

Let's start in New England:




NEW HAMPSHIRE- 3.73. Please note that New Hampshire also CHEATS the most in the US at WORDLE.


Here's a map with all the scores from Wordtips. GET THE FULL-SIZE MAP HERE


The US average is 3.65, and Wordtips says that's good for 18th in the Wordle...I mean World. The state that rules in WORDLE is North Dakota..no idea why. Maine is actually pretty bad...we are one of seven states with scores over 4.0. Maybe it's because we have BETTER THINGS TO DO than this game!


How did Wordtips figure all of this out?

"We pulled 195,248 tweets with hashtag #wordle using Twitter API. We successfully extracted the game score from 142,669 tweets. To qualify, we were looking for the score presented as a fraction (e.g., 3/6 or 5/6) and the grid of colored squares."


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