Here in Maine, we all lived through the infamous "Wessie" incident a couple years back. A giant snake was on the loose, presumably spending its days in a Westbrook river, and the uproar caused national headlines. While this snake "spotting" is unlikely to cause the same kind of stir, it did leave a lot of people in Kennebunk a little freaked out.

Shared on Facebook by the Kennebunk Pond group, take a look at this rather large water snake enjoying a little sun over the weekend. While the size of the snake may be alarming to some, several of the commenters on the post stated this isn't the first time they've seen the snake and while it looks dangerous, it's actually quite harmless.

There are no known venomous/poisonous snakes that inhabit Maine in the wild. Typically, you'd find much smaller snakes in the wild in Vacationland, but occasionally, you may get to lay your eyes on a larger water snake. The belief is that this snake captured in the photo from Kennebunk Pond is a northern water snake. Typically northern water snakes average 2-3 feet in length from head-to-tail, although they can grow as large as 4.5 feet in length.

So for those residents  in Kennebunk, or those planning to visit, don't be alarmed by this snake if you see, but also don't corner it. While not poisonous, the snake COULD bite. Let nature just do nature stuff.

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