I couldn't believe this actually happened.

As we are talking on the show today about stupid things, I couldn't help but remember what happened to me at the Scarborough Walmart. I stopped into the Scarborough Walmart for some Walmart things. You know, dog shampoo and a throw rug. Just a quick stop. Grabbed my stuff, went through self-check-out, and was on my way. I was knocking down errands left and right. Until I went to the parking lot.

I couldn't find my car. Oops. I guess I'm in the lane OVER from where I thought. Nope. Hmmm. Okay, time to start beeping the horn on my key fob. Nothing. I walked through a couple of lanes I didn't remember parking in.

Nothing. I was walking so much that I had to find a cart to put my stuff in. I pushed that cart around and around and then I hit the panic button on my key fob. Nothing. I saw some lady and told her, 'I think I'm losing my mind. I can't find my car!' She says, 'Yup. I've seen you 4 times come near my car.'

I started to panic a little. Was my car stolen? Oh God, I left my wallet in it! Oh man, I'm gonna have to cancel my credit cards...walk, walk, walk. I started to really get freaked out. I started feeling crazy. Like I was losing my mind! I ended up going inside Walmart and asking if they had police presence in the store. I truly believed that after 30 minutes of looking for my car, it had been stolen.

That's when the very nice lady said to me,

Did you come in the other entrance?

Of course, I didn't....wait...did I? By that time someone had come over to see what all the ruckus was. I told them that I thought my car was stolen, but JUST to make sure I was going to the other end of the store.

There was my car. Exactly where I parked it. I was so relieved and yet super worried that I was way too young to have THAT happen to me! I told some older woman walking near me what I did and she said the funniest thing...

It only gets worse.

Great. I can't wait.

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