I know what you're thinking.. is this girl crazy? Maine has below zero temperatures with nor'easters hitting more than Snoop hits his bong.

I guess the honest answer is that I've been lazy and thought my skin was thick enough to deal with the cold, not to mention the choices are endless.

Are you also a Mainer that has the same problems?

Buying a winter jacket is no simple task, there are many things you have to take into consideration.

Should you go with the traditional North Face, Carhart, or L.L bean down jacket? What if you want a more unique look like Steve Buscemi's shearling coat from Fargo? How about the fur coat Emma Stone rocked in "Cruella" so fearlessly? You could roll with Robert De Niro's field jacket from Taxi Driver? Or something a bit more romantic, like Humphrey Bogart's trench coat from Casablanca? It's too much pressure!

One jacket for every single day, meaning that one jacket has to go with every different look you go with?

How can you commit to just one? It's not like I can call my stylist and have her send me an array of Billie Eilish's Puffy Jackets.

Jackets aren't the only thing Mainers aren't wearing

There is also this underground flip-flop year-round group. The members do not know each other, however, I have met so many Mainers who wear flip flops or sandals through the winter, in the snow and feel great about it. I believe after you live in Maine for a certain amount of time, your foot skin probably thickens.

Are those flip-floppers enjoying the cold on their feet or are they just unable to find a pair of winter boots because there are so many choices? Don't get me started on the boots. We'll be here all day.

I know one day I will find the jacket of my dreams, but until then, I suffer in coldness, wearing hoodies and when it gets really cold I grab that 90s neon windbreaker my mom saved because of "sentimental value." She saves everything.


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