It's no surprise that Mainahs like to drink, with over 99 craft breweries, we nationally ranked 3rd on craft breweries per Capita (100,000 people 21+), according to The Brewer's Association 2016 stats.

The Maine Brewer's Guild would like to reward you for your great taste in local brews. Of course, "Guild," being in the title really put my hopes up that they could possibly knight you with a foam sword and hand you a goblet of craft brew and maybe they would, but probably not.

All you have to do is grab signatures and dates from workers at specific breweries from The Maine Beer Trail. It includes a list of local breweries, with a map to make things a little easier. Once you have enough "homework," mail it out and receive a reward for indulging in your favorite hobby!

Note that brewfests don't count but what better way of deciding which breweries are worth the visit than taking a day to taste the taps for yourself, Oktoberfest is right around the corner!

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