It may come as a bit of a head-turner that the University of Southern Maine is considering a name change. But it shouldn't. USM is looking for new ways to attract more students to attend the school, and a name change is one way that may offer a "rebranding" of sorts to a university that has technically been around since 1878.

Shared on Twitter by Paul Koenig, here is the statement that was sent out to USM alumni, floating the idea that perhaps the University of Southern Maine needs a name change. As Koenig mentions in his tweet, USM could conceivably put Portland into the name of the school. And you know what? It wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

Before it was the University of Southern Maine, the school was known as the University of Maine at Portland-Gorham. The students who attended it often referred to it as UMPG. The decision to switch from UMPG to USM was an idea to make the campuses all encompassing and when USM added a Lewiston campus in 1988, it fit under the umbrella.

But perhaps a name change that includes Portland would help draw new students. Portland is unquestionably "hot" right now, and there is currently no university or college that uses the city's name. USM doesn't have dorms on their Portland campus, but perhaps that could be part of a long-term plan down the line.

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What do you think? Should USM change their name? Would it attract more students with Portland in the name of the school? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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