Over the past week or so, rumors have swirled around the Lewiston/Auburn area (and other areas as well) about potential organized abduction attempts outside Walmart. Social media posts were shared in the hundreds about these adduction attempts and sent many in the twin cities community into a frenzy. There's just one problem, the Auburn Police Department says all of these rumors ARE NOT TRUE.

In a short, but to the point, Facebook Post, the Auburn Police Department maintains they've received absolutely no calls or reports of any abduction attempts at the Auburn Walmart. The social media post that initially spurred worry also claimed the organized group of people was going door-to-door asking about basketball hoops in the area. Police maintain they haven't received any reports of that behavior either.


This does not take away from the concept that everyone should be aware of their surroundings, and if you encounter anything you deem suspicious, contact authorities immediately. But the Auburn Police Department wants you to know there is no immediate threat that they are aware of at the Auburn Walmart.

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